Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Muslim in UK wants his 3 year old daughter married to a jihadist

Aside from his desire to kill a British muslim soldier "like a pig", Parviz Khan has yet another "lofty" goal - he would like his 3 year old daugher to "marry a jihadi terrorist", "give birth to them" and "cook for the men in the mountains".

One would hope that he would plan on waiting a few years before marrying off a 3 year old little girl but given the propensity for pedophilia among muslim men - such a Mohammed marrying the six year old Ayesha - and even much more recently in the UK we had "asians grooming young white girls for sex and even a muslim policeman chose to sexually assault young girls (a quick web search will find a plethora of similar stories) Thus, it is highly unlikely Papa Khan was envisioning too far into the future.

So we'd like to nominate Parviz Khan for UK MUSLIM FATHER OF THE YEAR -

The competition will be stiff considering the hundreds of young women, in the UK, who are victims of honour killings - most at the hands of their "good" muslim fathers.

partial article - link at bottom - emphasis mine

Islamic fanatic 'wanted to groom his three-year-old daughter to marry a terrorist'
Last updated at 16:28pm on 7th February 2008

Parviz Khan allegedly hoped his three-year-old daughter would marry a terrorist

The fanatic who plotted to kidnap and behead a British soldier wanted his three-year-old daughter to marry a jihadi terrorist, a court heard.

Terrorist cell leader Parviz Khan, 37, was secretly recorded in his home telling friend Zahoor Iqbal how the toddler talked about cooking food for the "men in the mountains" .

Khan added: "Inshallah (God willing) - she'll marry into them and give birth to them".

But Iqbal, who is on trial accused of helping Khan send equipment to be used by extremists in Afghanistan, denied Khan was talking about Mujahideen insurgents.

Nigel Rumfitt, QC, prosecuting, told him: "That is as sick as it gets.

"He wants his three-year-old daughter to marry Mujahideen terrorists and give birth to more of them.

"That is what he is training her to want by asking her what she will cook for them in the mountains."

But Iqbal told the jury at Leicester Crown Court that Khan meant he wanted his daughter to marry an Afghan mountain villager.

Iqbal added that he never suspected Khan was sending equipment to Al-Qaeda terrorists fighting coalition forces and instead thought the shipments were for earthquake relief.

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